Perfect Art is a multi-disciplinary interior designing firm whose work seamlessly weaves interior and exterior spaces, from large architectural ideas to the smallest of details. The 20 member team at Perfect Art is from diverse disciplines of Architecture and Interior Design. Our team of expert architects, interior designers and civil engineers is lead by Nagendra Nirala and Ram Karan Sharma.

The firm takes a deeply contextual approach to its work and combines this with a strong focus on the tactile and sensory qualities of the space. The design process looks at sustainability through the multiple lenses of creativity and functionality.

Perfect Art approaches interior design with an architectural eye. At every stage from the ground up, Perfect Art takes great care to learn every detail of its client’s requirements so that it may deliver a truly personal service. We take an intelligent and considerate approach to design those results in a well-resolved balance between style and usability. The beauty of good design is found in the way something functions as well as in how it captures the eye.

Our focus is on creating timeless, classic spaces paying close attention to evolving our work with our clients’ needs.

“...The beauty and mystery of this world only emerges through affection, attention, interest and passion: if you want to live in paradise where moments can be turned into memories, one needs to actually see this world with an eye to inventiveness”